Frontline Pest Management - Feral Pigeons

Frontline Pest Management specialise in control of feral pigeons.

Tired of unwanted birds nesting on your roof and window ledges? Losing customers due to the noise and mess from pesky pigeons hanging around?

Introducing, E-Track by Avithor - an electrical bird deterrent system. Now you can bird-proof any building with the Bird-Safe Avithor E-Track.

E-Track is a low-profile electrified track which can protect a wide variety of surfaces such as parapets, roof peaks, beams and ledges. And whilst being virtually invisible, it is incredibly durable.

E-Track is also very humane "birds do not feel the electric shock the same way people do. This is because there is less moisture in their feet to cause a shock in the manner that we experience".


If you require assistance in the removal of any unwanted feral birds, be it pigeon, sparrow, starling or sea gull, contact Frontline Pest Management today on 3293 4475 to find out how we can assist you with your pest control problem.

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