Mosquitoes can carry diseases and parasites including Ross River Fever, Dengue Fever, Malaria and Heartworm (in dogs).

Or at the very least, with their persistent buzzing and biting, can turn a usually fun afternoon of kids soccer or a family BBQ into an unpleasant experience and have you running for the sanctuary of the indoors.

If this is happening to you, then its time to call in the professionals.  Frontline Pest Management will carry out a thorough inspection to the property advising of any control measures to be taken which are necessary as part of an overall effective pest management strategy.

Many mosquito varieties breed in fresh or brackish water.  They will breed up in anything that will hold free water including plastic containers, bottles, cans, plants, watering dishes, tree hollows, open rainwater tanks, guttering, ponds, tyres and tarps.

If you find an item on your property which collects water, empty it.  If you have a fish pond, stock it with fish which are known to feed on the mosquito larvae.


Of course not all mosquitoes which end up in your property have been breeding in your backyard. Many will fly in from saltwater marshes or similar habitats. Local councils generally treat these areas to keep the population to a minimum, however they cannot stop them breeding altogether. 

If you are experiencing problems with Mosquitoes, Frontline Pest Management will carry out a Mosquito treatment to the property, to trees and bushes where mosquitoes rest.  This treatment will last up to 6 weeks and will give you immediate relief.


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 mosquito fogger

If you are experiencing problems with Mosquitoes, ring Frontline Pest Management on 3293 4475 for a professional Mosquito Treatment.

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