Black Ants
Frontline Pest Management - Black Ant

Black in colour, approx 3mm long.  Can nest outside against paths, in rockeries and other cracks and crevices. Will readily nest indoors.  Nests have been found in between walls, ceilings, doors, fences but rarely do they nest in the soil.  Adults will usually run in distinct trails which can assist in finding nests.  Another sign for locating nests is the fall out of black droppings on floors, window sills and benches which indicate nests above or near the droppings.  Preference is for sweet foods but will eat seeds, plants, fats and grease.  Their need for moisture is the most common reason for invading kitchens, bathrooms or other sources of water in premises.


Argentine Ant

The worker ants are about 3 mm long and can easily squeeze through cracks and holes no more than 1mm in size. These ants will set up quarters in the ground, in cracks in concrete walls, in spaces between boards and timbers, even among belongings in human dwellings. In natural areas, they generally nest shallowly in loose leaf litter or beneath small stones, due to their poor ability to dig deeper nests.


White Footed Black House Ant
Frontline Pest Management - White Footed Black House Ant They are dark brownish to black in colour, with yellow-white feet, approx. 3mm long.  Nest in tree trunks, under loose bark or plant debris.  Nearer the home nest in attics, under roof shingles, in wall voids, along fences and in outdoor furniture.  Inside in the kitchen area near bins or in food storage and preparation areas.  They are attracted to sweet substances.
Coastal Brown Ant
Frontline Pest Management - Coastal Brown Ant Grow 1.5-2.5mm long. Light yellow brown to brown in colour. Soldier has enlarged darkened head. Nest mainly in soil and builds along pathways, in gardens, against walls, under houses and if in large enough numbers can cause damage to lawns. They prefer sunny, dry areas to nest but will nest above ground if soil is available. Can be found nesting in termite tracks. Have been known to invade hot water systems. Preference is for fatty foods but will attack seeds, meats, insects, fruit, honeydew from aphids, sweet foods, fats and grease.
Frontline Pest Management - Coastal Brown Ant

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